Do you know Sir Alex Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment?

Do you know Sir Alex Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment?

Sir Alex Ferguson’s famed hairdryer treatment can be briefly described as “an up-close lecture generously given to under-performing players.”

The “hairdryer treatment” name was given by Mark Hughes. Mark Hughes, former United striker said: “He would stand nose-to-nose with you and just shout and bawl, and you would end up with your hair behind your head.” Mark Hughes gave the nickname to the fearsome decibel-busting rollickings dished out by the boss over his 20 years in charge at Manchester United. 

Ferguson later insisted that “There are a lot of myths. One of the papers once claimed that I used to go behind the stand at East Stirlingshire and practise screaming. But there’s an element of truth in it. The hairdryer thing was started by Sparky, he owned up to it after he left. I can understand that because of my policy in the dressing room.”

The infamous boot incident wasn’t hair dryer treatment. His biography gives a clear account of it: apparently, after a loss David swore at SAF. Both of them were 12 feet apart and there were many shoes between them. SAF kicked one boot which flew and landed right above his right eye.. David rose to have a go at SAF when the players stopped him.

NO ONE is bigger than SAF at his club! Is hairdryer treatment useful? Leave your comments below.

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