Ibrahimovic: I came to win and I am winning

Ibrahimovic: I came to win and I am winning

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored twice as Manchester United beat Southampton 3-2 in the EFL Cup final on Sunday.

“This is what I came for, I came to win and I am winning,” the United match-winner Zlatan Ibrahimovic told Sky Sports. “I have to keep going because the more I win the more satisfied I get. You appreciate winning more the older you get, it’s all about winning and collecting trophies. This is my 32nd trophy, wherever I have been I have won.”

Reporter: “Do you sense something special is happening at Man Utd?” Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “I came here. That’s special.”

Some more words from Ibrahimovic, who has been asked if he is surprised by how well his first season in England has gone.

“No, no. This is what I predicted. Everything I thought would happen. The only thing is the others didn’t see it. And I came here to show them what I saw and what I would do.

“Apparently to many I could not do it, but I keep going and doing what I am doing every year.”

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