Jamie Carragher brands Tyrone Mings ‘disgraceful’ for stamp

Jamie Carragher brands Tyrone Mings ‘disgraceful’ for stamp

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic avoided a red card for elbowing Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings as a heated battle at Old Trafford ended in a 1-1 draw. 

Sportsmail’s Jamie Carragher labelled Mings ‘disgraceful’ after he appeared to intentionally stamp on Ibrahimovic, but the Swede ought to have been dismissed himself for his subsequent retaliation.

The pair had been locked in battle throughout the first half on Saturday, and with the game poised at 1-1 heading towards the interval, things boiled over after Mings planted his left boot on Ibrahimovic’s head.

The Swede was clearly angered by the blow and retaliated by swinging his elbow into Mings in an aerial duel, with the chaotic phase of play ending with Andrew Surman eventually being shown a second yellow card for pushing Ibrahimovic. 

Carragher heavily criticised Mings for his role in the controversy, in which it took Friend three minutes and five seconds to realise he had already cautioned Surman.

‘The one from Mings is horrific and he probably deserves a smack for that,’ Carragher said on Sky Sports. 

‘I’m not condoning what Zlatan did, but that is disgraceful, stamping on someone on the floor. Rattle someone’s bones with a tackle, but don’t stamp on them. You look for your first chance to get someone back, even as a kid. 

‘What I can’t get my head around is whether a player is in the way [of the referee].

‘Why is he speaking to Zlatan Ibrahimovic? What is he talking about? He’s either seen it, or he hasn’t.

‘I just think he’s panicked, bottled it, and he’s just froze.’ 

United manager Jose Mourinho was pictured speaking with Mings as the players re-emerged following the interval, with choice words being exchanged between the pair. 

Co-commentator Gary Neville shared Carragher’s dismay at Mings’ actions which sparked outrage from Ibrahimovic, who was not cautioned for his part in the chaotic incident but was already on a yellow card.

The former Manchester United defender was critical of referee Friend, who appeared to not be in control of the events which took place in first-half stoppage time.

‘Oh deary me. We have just seen a UFC battle,’ said Neville. ‘Stamping on someone’s head and then elbowing them back. Both of them should be off.

‘Ibrahimovic is on the floor and that is a cowardly act from Mings, absolutely terrible. 

‘The elbow from Ibrahimovic is not much better, but if somebody stamps on your head you are bound to go for them. 

‘The referee has bottled it. I don’t like saying that about referees but he has. He is all over the place, I’m afraid. It’s a mess.’ 

Surman was the ultimate fall-guy after he was booked for pushing Ibrahimovic to compound the shameful scenes, but co-pundit Thierry Henry added: ‘Getting a yellow card for that is a little harsh. The referee didn’t even know he’d already booked Surman. Someone had to tell him. 

‘Mings’ actions doesn’t make what Zlatan did right, but I agree if someone did that to me and no-one saw it, you will look to do something back to the man who did it.’

United missed a host a chances to extend their 1-0 lead handed to them by Marcos Rojo before a foul by Phil Jones on Benik Afobe allowed former United forward Joshua King to equalise from the spot. 

On an eventful afternoon for both Ibrahimovic and Mings, the United striker missed a second-half penalty while the much-maligned Bournemouth man was forced off with concerns over his troublesome knee.

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