Jamie Carragher questions Romelu Lukaku output after Liverpool loss

Jamie Carragher questions Romelu Lukaku output after Liverpool loss

Jamie Carragher questioned Romelu Lukaku’s output and whether Everton have a “mental block” after their 3-1 defeat to Liverpool on Saturday.

Lukaku, the Premier League’s top scorer, was anonymous at Anfield as he failed to muster a single shot.

“The one big question mark against him now is in big games,” said Carragher on Sky Sports. “When you look at him, he’s just a goalscorer, and it’s not the worst thing, but he just wants goals. When you see him you want the goals and for him to dominate the back four, like Didier Drogba.

“You are not going to score every game. But if you don’t score then put yourself about, hold the ball up.

“Dejan Lovren has bullied him. He’s been out injured and is up against a man in form, the top scorer in the Premier League, and he has bullied him.

“Can you dominate a back four and be Everton’s best player when you don’t score? It’s all about goals for Lukaku, and he gets a lot, but in these big games you get very few chances.”

The defeat means Everton still have not won at Anfield since 1999, and have failed to beat Liverpool in their last 13 Premier League matches.

“Something is not right in these games for Everton,” said Carragher. “Since Everton last won a trophy in 1995 there have been 47 derbies, and Everton have won seven.

“In the last few weeks Everton have had good news with the stadium and have been in good form in 2017 and I have been getting a lot from Everton fans.

“But until they fix that mental block in the big games they will never get in the top four or win a trophy. It’s been going for 20 years so it’s not just this manager and set of players.”

Everton legend Peter Reid said the Blues are a “million miles away from the top sides” after their defeat at Anfield.

“All the better players were in red shirts,” he said. “Everton didn’t turn up, they were second best all over the park. When they got crosses in they looked a little bit dangerous but Lukaku was distinctly average.

“I don’t think enough blue shirts wanted it on the pitch and if you haven’t got that you are going to get beaten. They were poor.

“You have to come to places like this to stand up and get an improvement, that’s where Everton are at the moment, they are a millions miles away against the better sides. That proved it.”

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