Jorge Messi will travel to Barcelona as Lionel’s renewal gets closer

Jorge Messi will travel to Barcelona as Lionel’s renewal gets closer

Jorge Messi eyes a return to Barcelona in a couple of weeks to continue talks with the club over Lionel’s renewal with optimism in the Camp Nou that a deal can be done.

“You start to see some light,” a reliable source within Barcelona tells AS regarding the contract renewal of Lionel Messi and the slow advancement of talks, “but at least they are advancing”. It won’t be easy to reach an agreement but the impression in the Camp Nou is that a deal be done. “In December nothing was clear,” insists the source who also says that they will have to continue working with discretion in order to reach success.

The Barcelona and Argentine footballer is concentrating solely on the national team at present and they will not put a date on presenting the potential agreement. “It is not meant as a smokescreen and they are not looking at it as an incentive, they just want everything to be done in the correct manner.”

As reported by AS a few weeks ago, the deal will not be cheap for the club. After signing Luis Suarez and Neymar to contract extensions, Messi is entering negotations with an advantage. The numbers mentioned have oscillated between €30 and €40 million per year net and it could mean the squad might need to be restructured to allow for such a big salary.

Jorge Messi remains in the background and while he was in Barcelona six weeks ago, the desired progress was not made. He returned to Rosario in Argentina but does plan to return to Barcelona in the next couple of weeks in an effort to bring negotiations on further.

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