Neymar’s father vents fury after Torres’ health scare

Neymar’s father vents fury after Torres’ health scare

Following Fernando Torres’ worrying brain trauma injury against Deportivo, Neymar’s father exploded on social media about the challenge which caused it.

The Atletico Madrid striker was hospitalised after violently falling and crashing his head against the ground, coming off second best in an aerial duel with Alex Bergantinos.

Neymar’s father believes it to be similar to the one his son suffered during the World Cup from Juan Camilo Zuniga, which ended his tournament prematurely through injury.

“[It was] a violent scene,” he posted on Instagram.

“My son was a victim, as you know, of a similar incident in the 2014 World Cup.

“Since that unforgettable day for me, I’ve been wondering how long referees will allow tackles like this to occur, in which a player uses an unnecessary and disproportionate amount of force from behind.

“It completely eliminates the chance of a player defending himself against the challenge. Once again, there was a similar challenge and there wasn’t even a yellow card shown.

“How many players will be injured before this type of tackle is banned in football? I hope you recover soon Fernando.”

Torres has recovered from the worrying incident and was discharged from hospital on Friday.

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