Raiola: Donnarumma deserves the best

Raiola: Donnarumma deserves the best

Agent Mino Raiola believes that Gianluigi Donnarumma ‘deserves a great team’, hinting that Milan is not the only option for him.

In a revealing interview, Raiola directs criticism at the Rossoneri, but also indicates that the player himself wants to stay.

“A most beautiful Birthday for Gigio? Who am I to contradict [Adriano] Galliani?,” the agent told Calciomercato.com

“I believe he spoke from the heart. Surely this guy has important values from the human point of view.

“Did I expect this growth? Let’s say that in Italy it is difficult that a guy could make his debut at his age.

“I know many things, but it’s hard to predict the future. We do not know. We made a pact to leave him in peace, indeed, not to talk about it, and we will put this rule in place.

“Is he staying in Milan? I have not heard anything from the new Milan, for me Milan is represented by Galliani so I have nothing to talk about with the new Milan.

“The boy goes his way and I go mine, these are clear agreements, so I have to look to the future and its possibilities, then the choice is made by the players themselves.

“I think it is only right for me to see what Milan will be. It is the most important question that you have not asked, you are focusing on renewal and you don’t know what Milan will be.

“No one will be able to tell, much less me than Milan themselves, if indeed the deal comes through.

“Until you see the new ownership and I begin to talk to them I cannot have a clear idea.

“Does he deserve a great Milan? No, he deserves a great team. I’m not married to anyone, my job is not to be a fan of a team.”

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