Ramos hits back at Alves over Sevilla sneer

Ramos hits back at Alves over Sevilla sneer

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has responded to Dani Alves after the former Barcelona fullback questioned his loyalty and legacy from when he was a Sevilla player.

According to Alves, Ramos – who signed for Madrid from Sevilla in 2005 – “declared eternal love for Sevilla just a few days before his transfer and that is the root problem of the ire that the fans hold towards him.

“Ramos didn’t achieve much at Sevilla” – Alves

“He’s still hostage to those words,” said Alves, who also played for Sevilla between 2002 and 2008, in an interview to ABC.

“Ramos, to be frank, didn’t achieve that much at Sevilla. I was there for six years and won plenty of titles,” Alves added.

However, following Madrid’s thrilling comeback against Villarreal on Sunday night, leapfrogging Alves’ ex-side Barcelona at the top of LaLiga in the process – Ramos responded with a jibe in the opposite direction.

“I was was born a Sevillista” – Ramos

“When it comes to Alves, who one year loves Brazil, another year loves Spain, and a year after Italy, I have nothing to say [on the matter],” he said in the post-match mixed zone.

“Sentiments aren’t measured, I was born a Sevillista and that’s not going to change, no matter who likes it or not.”

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