Video Referees in FA Cup and possible changes to penalty shoot-outs

Video Referees in FA Cup and possible changes to penalty shoot-outs

Video referees will be introduced in the FA Cup next season after football’s law-makers gave the go-ahead on Friday.

The plan is for an extra official to be in a TV truck watching the match on monitors and ready to communicate with the referee if he makes a crucial, clear mistake.

Trials of the system have already taken place in German lower-league games and Friday’s meeting at Wembley of the International Football Association Board agreed to its first use in a high-profile competition.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn said: ‘It is being fully tested across the world, so when it is applied to English conditions we know it will work.’ 

Football’s lawmakers also backed a plan to allow countries to introduce extra substitutes, sin bins and varying match durations to disability, grassroots and youth football as well as looking at introducing a fairer sequence of spot-kicks in penalty shootouts.

The modified laws do not apply in the top divisions or senior internationals.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is so encouraged with the video assistant referees trials that he is hopeful of bringing in the system for the 2018 World Cup.

Match officials on the long list to referee in Russia will be given opportunities to learn about the technology during trials at this summer’s Confederations Cup, the Club World Cup and the Under 20 World Cup.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn said: ‘I would expect to see video assistant replays from the third round of the FA Cup in the coming season.’

Player behaviour is a major concern to football’s lawmakers, who plan to introduce rules that will mean only the captain can talk to the referee at major flashpoints.

Penalty shootouts are also set for change. Statistics show the team taking the first penalty win six out of 10 shootouts.

To remove the advantage of winning the toss, the rule makers plan to test a tennis tiebreak-style order, with the team going first having one penalty, and then each team taking two in a row. The order would revert to alternate kicks if the shootout went to sudden death.

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